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Carbon Conscious

calculate your carbon footprint and share your infographic

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Protect Forests, Support Forest Peoples

carbon offset projects to balance your business , protect forests and connect with communities

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Short Film Creation

our unique service to create the visual story on projects you invest in

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Our clients


Carbon Conscious Calculator – Carbon Footprint Made Easier For Business

INTRODUCING CARBON CONSCIOUS Only by raising awareness can we achieve action. C-Level coined the phrase Carbon Footprint many years ago. We make things clear and simple for people in business to engage with new ideas.  Now, we have designed Carbon Conscious, a new Carbon Calculator to help smaller businesses get started ... [read more]

SHAMBA – Carbon Benefits Increased, Better Accounted for & Better Communicated

SHAMBA carbon monitoring tool

Our business links responsible businesses to forest communities, a synergy that enables action on climate change, ecosystems and sustainable development.  So our 101visions team have been super excited to work with IIED and the University of Edinburgh to produce a new 101vision on their trailblazing work, SHAMBA - a carbon ... [read more]


Working with the Hadza Hunter Gatherers and Balanced Businesses  [see more]

New 101 Vision with Source Climate Change Coffee – Mount Elgon Cloud Forest [See more]

People say...

“I recommend CLevel & their 101Visions work – their ability to help shape ideas & move this into action really harnesses momentum! Inspiring and partnering are two just areas they excel in…” 

Louise Foreman, Bridge Partnership

“our carbon balanced programme included forming a new community relationship for carbon reduction at Hackney City Farm.  This invigorated interest across the business and got everybody behind a common goal…”

Tanya Surrendra, UKPayments

“we have been trying to get a short film made about our project for over 2 years. Whenever we tried to engage with anyone on this it got very complicated very quickly. The CLevel team simplified the process…it does what it says on the tin…”

Marc Baker, Carbon Tanzania

”CLevel teams understand that tackling climate change isn’t just about the environment; it’s about recognizing people as catalysts for change. That’s why we love working with them…”

Kahlil Baker, Taking Root

“CLevel’s flexibility and speed  was matched by genuine enthusiasm for our project and they have really supported our communications at at important stage for us… “

Tegan Rogers, Start Network

C Level in Earth's atmosphere