Carbon Offset Consulting

Our longstanding involvement in carbon and project consulting combines with a passion for finding and helping develop the best community projects on the ground – all for your business to connect with. And we can help you develop your own projects within your supply chain, by ‘insetting’…

Not knowing how to get started and what possibility exists can hold back businesses from voluntary offsetting and action on climate change. As carbon consultants who have engaged with business in the carbon offsetting area for over 15 years, we are well placed to help you get started. We can also look at the longer term to ‘insetting’ projects within your own supply chain, further increasing value to your business. And we can also help create immediate value and advantage through our digital communications capability and the creation of short films.  We can powerfully share your story and that of the community with whom you are co creating the triple carbon, ecosystem and livelihood benefits.

Examples of Carbon Offset Consulting

Market leader in carbon and sustainability management, Ecometrica are carbon balanced and have selected Scolel’te in Mexico, one of the worlds first carbon offset projects, to deliver the social eco benefits that help balance Ecometrica’s annual carbon footprint.

Kloeber, an innovative glazed window and door manufacture have carbon balanced their business through one of the latest Plan Vivo projects, with the Hadza Hunter Gatherers in Tanzania.

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We also undertake major consulting projects in the carbon and sustainability area…

For example, CLevel recently won the contract to develop a new international carbon standard, including project appraisal systems, and registry operations.  This six month contract included development of a unique project appraisal method to combine project acceptance into the standard with project communications and stakeholder engagement.

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