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Micro-documentary Making

C-Level has established 101 Visions, an in-house short film making service, which has grown from our intention to support the communication needs of our community reforestation partners.

The 101 Visions team is now working with a wider range of partners and projects, and has gained exceptionally strong feedback.

We have created 101 Visions with consultants (Bridge Partnership, Pur Projet), development organisations (International Institute for Environment and Development), humanitarian aid agencies (Save The Children, Start Network), Community Forest Projects (Plan Vivo, Hadza Hunter Gatherers, Communitree), and a Coffee Brand (Source Climate Change Coffee)

We do things differently in the micro-documentary space

We make maximum use of existing visual assets – creating viable new high quality films in weeks not months, for a fraction of the cost of going out to film new footage – and saving on carbon. We can deliver films 2 weeks from their start date at a fixed cost.

101visions - microdocumentaries

We only work with clients who share our vision of aligning people, business and technology with nature.

We stand for honest and transparent storytelling. 101 Visions are short stories that matter.

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Reach out and engage your audience now

Whether you are a project developer or an organisation with a story to tell we can help you to articulate, create and share your vision.

A 101 Vision is about getting to the essence of your story, creating a powerful and authentic short film and then sharing that…download our 2 page 101 Visions Brochure or visit