Balancing Your Business – A Leadership Journey, Tim Littlehales CO CEO Bridge

Bridge works with leaders in business to provide experiences and intelligence on the road to building a better, more fulfilling and multipurpose business – one that includes social and environmental goals.  One way of expressing this is C-Levels idea of the Balanced Business.  This resonates with Bridge, and was a reason we got excited when we found C-Level back in 2013.

You can watch a short clip with Bridge and C-Level talking about Balanced Business, authentic story and B-Corp values here:



What we needed then was a partner to help us take practical action on our carbon footprint, but we had struggled to find the right one…When our team met up with Daren Howarth, it was clear that C-Level was a business close to our heart…one running with very strong sense of purpose and integrity, and a flair for innovation.  It’s good to be having our Carbon Footprint looked at by the people who coined the phrase!

So it gives me satisfaction to know that Bridge has been acting on carbon for a while now.  We are a Carbon Balanced business.  This means we work out our emissions from the travel and energy each year and then compensate through a truly inspiring indigenous forest project.  People sometimes dismiss this approach as too simple.  For me that is part of its attraction.  Through the CommuniTree reforestation project we are creating forest.  We are working with the living earth, the biosphere and this brings a whole level of ecological good, not just carbon.  Not just that, but C-Level only works with ecological projects where local communities are owners of the projects and main beneficiaries.  So Bridge is creating positive impact in a very holistic way while managing our carbon footprint.

The last part of this relationship with C-Level is closer to our own work as leadership consultants.  Since C-Level stands for culture change in business and well as carbon, the story telling and re-narrative services that they are offering fit well with Bridge.  My sense is the now is the right time to explore this synergy more fully and that is something I am personally looking forward to very much…

Tim Littlehales is joint CEO of Bridge Partnership,