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Mikoko Pamoja – Blue Forest project funded by Dicaprio


C-Level uses micro-documentaries to support indigenous climate projects and sustainable development, and last year the company was asked to create one of its signature short films about a project on the coast of East Africa. This project in the mangroves enables people in business to compensate for their carbon footprint in ... [read more]

C-Level gets B Corp certification.

c-level b-corp certified

C-Level Makes B Corp Certification and joins the global movement of businesses remodelling to benefit beyond shareholders It’s been a tough process but everything is now complete. The final checking of points brought us in over the benchmark to achieve certification, and we have made the legal changes to our company ... [read more]

Brand Purpose: Fad or Future

Brand Purpose

On the 5th January 2017, Unilever published a report based on a survey of 20,000 adults over 5 countries, investigating how important sustainability is to consumers when they’re choosing which brands to buy from. The report’s findings are backed by an independent study ... [read more]

Carbon Conscious Calculator – Carbon Footprint Made Easier For Business

INTRODUCING CARBON CONSCIOUS Only by raising awareness can we achieve action. C-Level coined the phrase Carbon Footprint many years ago. We make things clear and simple for people in business to engage with new ideas.  Now, we have designed Carbon Conscious, a new Carbon Calculator to help smaller businesses get started ... [read more]

SHAMBA – Carbon Benefits Increased, Better Accounted for & Better Communicated

Our business links responsible businesses to forest communities, a synergy that enables action on climate change, ecosystems and sustainable development.  So our 101visions team have been super excited to work with IIED and the University of Edinburgh to produce a new 101vision on their trailblazing work, SHAMBA - a carbon ... [read more]

Hadza Hunter Gatherers – Ancient Culture Connects with Balanced Businesses

CLevel engaged with The Hadza, a hunter-gatherer group, who have lived in the Yaeda Valley of Tanzania for 40,000 years, and Carbon Tanzania a couple of months ago.  We started to work with this community on our 101visions, an innovative film service that starts with an ... [read more]

Carbon Insetting Grows – Protecting Supply Chains & Ecosystems

richard tipper ecometrica

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible with 2014 being the hottest year on record and increasingly disrupted weather patterns worldwide. Global sourcing means that events like these are big risk for supply chains. ... [read more]

Carbon Insetting Gathers Momentum – Short Film

We are excited to have worked with Plan Vivo and Pur Projet to explore further the growth in carbon insetting. This 101Vision shows the potential for linking more businesses to meaningful community led action on climate change and reforestation.

Carbon Insetting – New Approach Linking Businesses and Ecosystems

New networks and projects are being created around the idea of Carbon Insetting. Most businesses are now aware of and a great many invest in carbon offsetting. This involves the purchase of credits from external carbon reduction projects, helping companies compensate for their own carbon footprint.  A broad ... [read more]

REDD+ Connecting Business & Forest Peoples

REDD+ is an international mechanism that launched almost ten years ago at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal,  to drive action on both deforestation and climate change. It has the immense significance of being able to transform the relationship between business and both forest ecosystems and ... [read more]