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Business Carbon Calculator

Calculate & Balance Your Business Carbon Footprint

Business Carbon Calculator

With the C-Level Business Carbon Calculator you can easily work out the carbon footprint of your business. We like to make it easy. It is geared to smaller businesses.  For more complex and larger businesses we will happily calculate the carbon footprint for you – just call us.

We have award winning C-Level projects to offset your business immediately. These sequester CO2 in indigenous forests with local communities and all are verified under the global Plan Vivo Standard.  

Balance Your Business online and we will generate your individual Carbon Balanced Certification and invoice.  You will be sent out the Carbon Balanced logo and we will confirm your new certification on the Markit Environmental Registry.  With your business successfully Carbon Balanced, we will arrange a short call to discuss your action on carbon and ways we can support you with your new status and story going forward.  

Business Carbon Calculator


Move the slider to reflect your 12-month energy usage.

* 'k' = 1000 units

Electricity KWH


Move the slider to reflect your 12 month's fuel usage using either litres used, fuel spent or KM travelled.

* 'k' = 1000 units

Car Fuel Litres
Van Fuel Litres
Car Fuel Spend £
Van Fuel Spend £
Car Distance KM
Van Distance KM


Add the details of each flight made over the 12-month period.
* '1' = a single flight, '2' = a return trip

Total Tonnes CO2: