Carbon Balanced Coffee Launches at Olympia, London

Cristina Talens has now launched Climate Change Coffee, at the fine food show in Olympia. This is a pioneering example of what is being called carbon insetting. We can now buy really fine single estate ground coffee where the carbon footprint of the coffee has been calculated and offset by reforestation done by the coffee growing communities themselves.

we have used  QR (quick response) code on the coffee packaging to give easy access to the people and vision behind climate change coffee…

We have worked with Christina to produce this short 101Vision video about their new coffee, which is carbon balanced.   Source Coffee blends reflect some of the very finest tasting coffees from traditional coffee growing communities in Central and South America, Africa & Asia. All of the small holder farmers who supply the coffee are involved in reforestation and conservation.

it is a pioneering example of the kind of new supply chain relationships that can be created using the idea of carbon insetting…

The first Source Coffee, La Sierra Cloud Forest, includes a payment to the smallholder coffee farmers of La Sierra in recognition of their environmental stewardship. It includes beans from coffee farms operating within the Plan Vivo system and is offset by carbon ecosystem credits under the Plan Vivo Standard.

The idea of carbon insetting is that a responsible business can work with communities within its supply chain to deal directing with the carbon footprint of products.  The massive additional benefit being the improvements that naturally come about in the strength of relationships in the supply chain.  In other words, improved resilience.

Coffee enquiries should be made to Cristina Talens at Source UK: