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Carbon Footprint

When C-Level introduced the terms Carbon Footprint and Carbon Balanced in 2001, it was to offer ‘open source’ terms to meet the challenge of changing business metrics and language. Carbon Footprint is now clearly well established globally, taken up by consultants, businesses and people everywhere.  Carbon Balancing is also widely understood and used.

Working out your footprint is one part of being balanced as a business.  It starts with doing the footprint, then (holistic) carbon offsets enable immediate action, carbon reduction plans are set and finally insetting projects can be planned.

At the beginning of Carbon Balancing, carbon offsets can often start off high, and then reduce each year as the twin horns of culture change and low carbon technology squeeze the carbon footprint down.  Offsetting (and insetting with supply chain partners and communities) is needed for ‘hard to treat’ CO2 emissions.

Our recent flight carbon carbon calculator adds to the tools at your disposal.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint & Share Your Infographic

We have developed Carbon Conscious, probably the worlds simplest and most elegant carbon calculator. It allows smaller businesses to easily calculate their footprint and create their own infographic which can be immediately shared on social media.


Take Carbon Conscious for a spin now!

For bigger organisations, we normally calculate your footprint for you and spend time helping you set up your own simple system to keep track of your footprint each year.  Just get in touch here to find out how we are often able to provide this to you for free.

For very large and complex businesses, with our partners Best Foot Forward, we’re happy to offer free access to their leading Carbon Calculator – Footprint Reporter software.

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Our carbon footprint tools and calculations all follow the global Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard as recommended by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Get in touch with us now to get started on your carbon footprint