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Should we give up flying? A Climate Strike Action To Find The Answer In The Flights Of A Lifetime

Last week I was asked to join a panel of experts and an audience looking at the simple question.  Should we choose to fly?  Organised by Zero Waste London, I immediately accepted.  Should we choose to fly?  If so when?  What can we do about ...

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The Ocean Bottle & Blue Forests – Best In Class & Biggest Impact

When things come together at the same time it's always worth paying more attention.  We have a big blue ocean story this month…the launch of a new Blue Forest Carbon Offsetting project,  a new client in the shape of The Ocean Bottle, and flight carbon ...

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Balancing Your Business – A Leadership Journey, Tim Littlehales CO CEO Bridge

Bridge works with leaders in business to provide experiences and intelligence on the road to building a better, more fulfilling and multipurpose business - one that includes social and environmental goals.  One way of expressing this is C-Levels idea of the Balanced Business.  This resonates ...

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We are proud to be sharing a rare event for the story telling side of 101visions - it's not often that the team gets to make feature length documentaries.  Tom Sands and Ramsay James excelled when they got the chance to make The Last Resort.  ...

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Panoramic Journeys – Carbon Balancing Experiential Travel in Mongolia

Panoramic Journeys are an experiential travel company that takes guests to Mongolia, Bhutan and Myanmar.  They have integrated carbon balanced travel into their journeys through C-Level and the Mongolian Nomad Project. I first met Karina and James Moreton, co-founders of the extra-ordinary travel company Panoramic Journeys at ...

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School Climate Change Protest

Are we at a watershed?  Is the activation of thousands and thousands of our children on earth's carbon levels and global warming the point of mass potential for transformation?  Is this a Berlin Wall moment?  Where the impossible suddenly happens?  Let's hope so.  Let's make ...

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Mikoko Pamoja

They protect seagrass meadows and coral reefs from silting; they protect crops and drinking water from salt water contamination; and they are a natural defence against sea storms and coastal erosion. But mangroves are in rapid decline globally. Local communities and people from further afield, ...

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CommuniTree Connects Buyers to Farmers with new technology

CommuniTree Project Developer Taking Root Launches Reforestation Wood Products

CommuniTree Featured on Canadian Broadcasting Documentary