Mikoko Pamoja

They protect seagrass meadows and coral reefs from silting; they protect crops and drinking water from salt water contamination; and they are a natural defence against sea storms and coastal erosion. But mangroves are in rapid decline globally. Local communities and people from further afield, ...

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CommuniTree Connects Buyers to Farmers with new technology

CommuniTree Project Developer Taking Root Launches Reforestation Wood Products

CommuniTree Featured on Canadian Broadcasting Documentary

Mikoko Pamoja – Blue Forest project funded by Dicaprio

C-Level uses micro-documentaries to support indigenous climate projects and sustainable development, and last year the company was asked to create one of its signature short films about a project on the coast of East Africa. This project in the mangroves enables people in business to compensate ...

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C-Level gets B Corp certification.

C-Level Makes B Corp Certification and joins the global movement of businesses remodelling to benefit beyond shareholders It’s been a tough process but everything is now complete. The final checking of points brought us in over the benchmark to achieve certification, and we have made the ...

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Brand Purpose: Fad or Future

On the 5th January 2017, Unilever published a report based on a survey of 20,000 adults over 5 countries, investigating how important sustainability is to consumers when they’re choosing which brands to buy from. The report’s findings are backed by an independent study from Accenture ...

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Carbon Conscious Calculator – Carbon Footprint Made Easier For Business

INTRODUCING CARBON CONSCIOUS Only by raising awareness can we achieve action. C-Level coined the phrase Carbon Footprint many years ago. We make things clear and simple for people in business to engage with new ideas.  Now, we have designed Carbon Conscious, a new Carbon Calculator to ...

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SHAMBA – Carbon Benefits Increased, Better Accounted for & Better Communicated

Our business links responsible businesses to forest communities, a synergy that enables action on climate change, ecosystems and sustainable development.  So our 101visions team have been super excited to work with IIED and the University of Edinburgh to produce a new 101vision on their trailblazing work, ...

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Hadza Hunter Gatherers – Ancient Culture Connects with Balanced Businesses

CLevel engaged with The Hadza, a hunter-gatherer group, who have lived in the Yaeda Valley of Tanzania for 40,000 years, and Carbon Tanzania a couple of months ago.  We started to work with this community on our 101visions, an innovative film service that starts with ...

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