Cool Comfort by the Sea – hotels of choice

Eco-tourism may conjure up images of sublime landscapes, vast National Parks or ancient, enduring marketplaces. But what about a tropical paradise resort? Or even your local hotel?

Eco-tourism is evolving. In the last few years the industry has flourished as public interest in the environment has grown. Many businesses have seen the value in developing environmentally responsible practices, and this is something that we have come to expect. So it’s no wonder that in recent years, the evolution of ecotourism has begun to include hotels.

Relative to their size, hotels have a large carbon footprint, so in terms of cutting costs, carbon reduction is a good move for them. And it’s not just about recycling waste and energy saving light bulbs anymore. Customers can now expect to see a range of simple, innovative designs that substantially reduce their hotel’s carbon footprint. And some have gone a step further. Carbon Balancing is the testament of a truly sustainable business, and because hotels constitute the most important element of the tourist industry, Carbon Balanced hotels should be recognised as a crucial step forward.

Brighton Hotel, Brighton House has been Carbon Balanced since 2006. Since then, hotels from all over the UK, from similar exclusive boutique-types to the big names like Premier Inn, have been taking responsibility for their carbon footprint. It’s a step that has been welcomed by customers, with research showing that people are significantly more likely to stay in environmentally friendly accommodation. Customer expectations are changing and with Government targets for all new build accommodation to be zero carbon, this is the perfect opportunity for hoteliers to reduce their carbon footprint, protect natural ecosystems and go green.

Interested in reaping the rewards of running a responsible business? CLevel’s Carbon Balanced Programme enables you to manage your carbon footprint, protect natural ecosystems and support local communities.