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Everyone is different, at a unique starting gate, and we take great care to provide you with the tailored service you need to make rapid progress. You can engage now and book an exploratory call to cover any of the 5 ways we can help.

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Calculate your business carbon footprint

This is the base action for corporate climate action.  If you haven’t done it already we can do it for you.  We also help set up simple systems to make it easy to do this each year so that it can become part of your reporting and your annual Carbon Balancing. You can use our small business carbon calculator.  This is easy to complete and gives you your own bespoke Carbon Infographic to share. 

“the carbon footprint provides the baseline for targeting carbon reduction.  It also defines how much to invest each year in communities and ecosystems. This makes for balanced business…with C-Level we achieved this and they took us further by orchestrating a new local relationship with Hackney City Farm”  Tanya Surrendra, UK Payments.

Calculate your flights carbon footprint


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Offset your carbon footprint and carbon balance
your business 

The best way to bring down the existing carbon level in the earths atmosphere is through working with forests and the people close to them.  Put simply, you can plant trees and protect existing trees to offset you carbon footprint.  Put even more simply, we already have the best tried and tested  technology to take action on carbon levels.  The tree. Carbon sequestration is the way carbon gets pulled out of the air and stored in the wood of trees.  All our carbon offsets provide carbon benefits so you can fully compensate for your footprint while also helping restore ecosystems and supporting local communities.  Our process is simple and robust.  Your company gets Carbon Balanced certification, the proof that you have calculated your carbon footprint and compensated for it. 

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Protect & create a forest linked to your brand

Whether it’s your own people or customers, no business can afford to remain disengaged from playing an active part in the health of the planet.  Alongside carbon offsetting, C-Level offers some exciting opportunities to create your new story around tree planting and the creation of a ‘brand forest’.  For example, with Aquapax, we have created the Aquapax Reforestation Program.  The company has committed to finance collecting indigenous tree seeds and establishing tree nurseries. This creates  significant employment with small holder farmers on their own land – all geared to ecological restoration.  And the performance of this program is monitored through a unique live moniotoring system, helping tell the story.  Investment is directly tied to company turnover.  The more the company grows, the bigger the forest.   



Plant trees through your CSR program

If you are looking for creating a CSR action that provides Impact Fusion, taking your CSR to the next level in terms of engagement, then all our projects are ready for you.  We can make the connections enabling you to support any single project or indeed a portfolio of projects.  And of course, if you have the appetite for publicity, there is a whole world of positive collaboration we can look at in terms of our story telling capability. 

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Tools to deepen and share your new story 

All of the above ways to engage provide strong narrative to reach out to people and demonstrate not just that your business is acting on carbon, but that is it doing so by aligning with nature, the earth’s ecosystems.  These new relationships with people and the earth give you the chance to work with us to get creative and bold and share a new story.  Your own people, your customers and all your stakeholders are ready for this.

C-Level offers bespoke coaching packages to help your new story emerge and get heard.  First we can dive in with Storybold, helping you get clear on your new vision and narrative in the CSR, Sustainability, Carbon and Responsible Business space.  This is a coaching engagement that helps you find your purpose and direction.  It is yielding extra-ordinary results.  It has been developed from our unique approach to story telling through short films.  Second, we can activate our full film making team to create a micro-documentary.  An ultra short documentary, as part of our growing 101visions series, is the very best way to share stories.  Third.  We can tap into our network to coach you and your business into deeper alignment.  This is through a process we call wild alignment.  Being true to nature and in healthy relationship at all system levels.

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