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Carbon Balanced Flights

Any air flight contributes to global warming through emissions of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2). Working with CLevel, Eyenetwork has developed the Flight Carbon Calculator to provide a clear understanding of this impact – the Carbon Footprint of your travel – if you decide to fly instead of videoconference.

The Carbon Footprint of a flight is the amount of CO2 produced, measured from the amount of aviation fuel consumed.

Use the calculator to work out how much CO2 you will not be releasing into the atmosphere by using Eyenetwork to arrange your videoconference meeting.

CLevel Community Carbon projects are run with international partners working with local communities on land owned by the communities. They are verified for carbon compensation by international standards like Plan Vivo and go beyond just carbon, helping to protect ecosystems and benefit communities on the ground.

Carbon Balanced flights are delivered through:

Community Reforestation– at the CommuniTree Carbon Project in Nicaragua, we are helping create high quality carbon compensation in accordance with the Plan Vivo standard – a long established framework for projects developing local livelihoods and conserving and restoring local ecosystems. Our investment help small-scale farmers establish mixed species forest plantations on under used areas of their own land.

Clean Cook Stoves – carbon reduction is achieved through the making, instalation and use of fuel efficient improved cook stoves that both reduce fuelwood use and indoor smoke pollution. The projects are implemented by the global charities Practical Acton and GERES.