Eyenetwork launches Eyebridge – Less business travel, less emissions

Eyenetwork is a Carbon Balanced business that has pioneered innovative IT solutions that help with carbon reduction.  Here, Lisa Honan, Eyenetwork MD introduces their new ‘telepresence’ service – a multipoint bridge services connecting mobile video users to room based video conference equipment.

“The last few years have seen a huge burst of growth in applications under the broad term ‘video communications’.  Whereas once the use of video for meetings was once the domain of the boardroom, we now see everyday use at all levels of business. This exciting democratising of access to video tools offers a great opportunity to change our day to day working lives.

Eyenetwork believes that the way forward lies in full interoperability: any video connecting to any other video communication device, from mobile devices to telepresence. Interoperability will remain the absolute key to effective working and continued growth. 

For this reason, Eyenetwork is committed to providing a fully managed and monitored multipoint bridge service, which allows for you to connect your video system, regardless of make, to another video system.  We will connect your room based video conference system across IP and ISDN networks and bring into your meeting as many other sites as you need.  We will add in your iPhone, iPad, laptop or PC.  As long as it has a camera, we will make it a video meeting”