Hadza Hunter Gatherers – Ancient Culture Connects with Balanced Businesses

CLevel engaged with The Hadza, a hunter-gatherer group, who have lived in the Yaeda Valley of Tanzania for 40,000 years, and Carbon Tanzania a couple of months ago.  We started to work with this community on our 101visions, an innovative film service that starts with an an immediately doable short film based on partners existing images.

We are now introducing new balanced businesses to the Hadza project, enabling them to manage carbon, protect forests and connect with communities.  Amazingly, the Hadza only recently secured land rights for the 20,000 hectares that remains of their ancestral lands.  Before Carbon Tanzania developed the REDD project nobody had any rights, and land was continually being lost to encroaching agriculture and charcoal burning.  The project is another to emerge under that holistic Plan Vivo (Living Plan) standard, the original standard that stands for balancing emissions, protecting forests and supporting frontline (climate change) communities. Organisations like National Geographic Travel, Kloeber and Bridge Partnership are balanced businesses that work with the Hadza to protect their crucial forests.

Watch the 101vision on the Hadza here: