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How Do We Offset Your Flights

All Carbon Offsets Are Not The Same

We have worked hard to source the most effective and holistic solution to carbon balancing and we believe we’ve found it.

Plan Vivo is a standard and network working with communities to plant trees, preserve habitats, and restore land. Providing long term climate, livelihood and biodiversity benefit, this approach is the most holistic for ethical and fairly traded climate services.

These communities benefit directly through performance-based payments from the voluntary carbon market.

By focusing on long-term sustainability and land tenure, Plan Vivo projects enable smallholders to become stewards of their natural resources and ecosystems.

How do Plan Vivo Projects Offset Carbon?

Our projects are all under the Global Plan Vivo Standard. This is managed by Plan Vivo Foundation, a charity that recognises the need of empowering smallholders and communities to manage their natural resources, sustainably.

They have used their system in projects since the 90’s and issued over 2.17 million certificates to date, working with over 17,000 smallholders. These indigenous communities protect, and benefit financially from their natural resources through reforestation or conservation. Trees capture and store carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, if cut down this would be released back into the atmosphere.

Each certificate Plan Vivo (living plan) issued accounts for 1 tonne of CO2 sequestered or reduced. This is an additional and long-term carbon benefit, assured through careful project design, monitoring, annual reporting and third party validation.

Certificates sold through the Plan Vivo standard are tracked publicly on the Markit Environmental Registry to ensure transparency and the avoidance of double-selling credits.