India’s hidden gem – new holistic carbon project in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a wild and stunning place.  It featured last week in the Guardian travel section  where Richard Eilers described it as a‘most unusual state… in North East India, where women own the land, Christianity dominates and the landscape is straight out of The Hobbit’

It is also the location of a unusual holistic carbon project that not only provides for the restoration of forest ecosystems and an uplift in livelihood for the communities, but also can provide a solid plank in the carbon management plans of any responsible business.

We are working with new partners to connect organisations to the forest communities of Meghalaya and the Khasi Hills.  The first years worth of carbon ecosystem credits, registered under the Plan Vivo standard, will be available soon through CLevel.  Take your carbon business to a mountain community in Meghalaya.  Inspire people with your carbon plan.