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Just Drinking Water

AQUAPAX is a premium quality mineral water brand, uniquely packaged in a 500ml majority paper carton which is both re-usable and recyclable. It’s produced and marketed by Just Drinking Water Ltd – a Brighton based independently owned, ethics led, carbon balanced business.

AQUAPAX is the foremost brand of carton water in Europe and the only carton water brand available in the UK. JDW’s outsourced business model means they only produce and ship to satisfy orders, filling their Aquapax cartons at an ecologically sensitive factory, running on bio-gas, located within a protected nature park in Germany.  Full cradle to cradle life cycle analysis of the carton package proves a lower environmental footprint than any comparable non-carbonated beverage package:

Carton = 0.036-0.041 kg CO2 per ‘bottle’. Av 0.0385 CO2 (carbon footprint) per unit.

PET = 0.047-0.151 kg CO2 per bottle. Av 0.100 kg CO2 / unit (carton x 2.6).

Glass = 0.106-0.342 kg CO2 per bottle. Av. 0.118 kg CO2 / unit (carton x 3.1).

PLA = 0.072-0.174 kg CO2 per bottle. Av. 0.123 kg CO2 / unit (carton x 3.2).

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