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Offset Any Amount Of CO2 - Balance My Life

Use Balance My Life for one off or regular payments to offset your carbon with C-Level projects...

Offset a fixed amount of CO₂


People have been asking us where they can simply offset fixed amounts of CO2.  So here we are.  Just enter the amount and we will allocate the same amount of carbon in the form of Plan Vivo Certificates.  All our project are certified by Plan Vivo Foundation – the original global standard for projects providing carbon, ecological and social benefits.  We will spread your purchase between our main stable of 6 Plan Vivo projects shown on our projects page.  All of these projects are working to protect or recreate indigenous forests with local communities.  They are award winning projects, run by exceptional teams.

We will create and mail out a beautiful and personalised C-Level Balanced Certificate.  If you have questions just phone, tweet or mail our team and we will answer.

Thank You.

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CO₂ – Emissions & Lifestyle Compared

Annual carbon emissions per person (in United States of America)
20 Tonnes

Annual carbon emissions per person (in United Kingdom)
10 Tonnes

Annual carbon emissions per person (in Tanzania)

A climate emergency exists because when we look at science based targets in line with the recommendations of the Paris Agreement we get a target of 2 tonnes.