Panoramic Journeys – Carbon Balancing Experiential Travel in Mongolia

Panoramic Journeys are an experiential travel company that takes guests to Mongolia, Bhutan and Myanmar.  They have integrated carbon balanced travel into their journeys through C-Level and the Mongolian Nomad Project.

I first met Karina and James Moreton, co-founders of the extra-ordinary travel company Panoramic Journeys at the Royal Geographic Society. Karina had invited me along to meet a few folk.  She was giving an hour long talk about Mongolia with a strong emphasis on the ecological beauty and status of this vast country.  I came away from the meeting with eyes opened by this woman who feels a very deep connection to Mongolia.  Her whole family seem to, and this is the reason Karina and James run Panoramic Journeys.  They have something they love that they want to share.



During that hour, Karina held an audience of several hundred, captivated by her photos and the stories of ecology through the eyes for Karina’s many friends in Mongolia. Some stunningly beautiful, some sad.  All eyeopening. We saw the miles of backed up coal trucks heading out of Mongolia to fuel other countries furnaces and power stations.  We heard of the global warming already in place in Mongolia and the off the scale hard winters that have hit the Nomads.  But all of this was embedded in the insight she gave into her experience of this expansive landscape and ther people who call it home.  This is what Panoramic Journeys do…for people travelling and for the many film crews for whom they offer ‘Panoramic Fixers’.

It is deeply satisfying when a new client really gets what C-Level was set up to achieve.  When Karina asked us to work with her company to achieve Carbon Balanced Travel, we welcomed the opportunity with particular enthusiasm.  Karina does get this, and she has embraced every recommendation we have made.

We have now set up a Panoramic Journeys Carbon Balanced Programme with the Mongolian Nomad Project at its heart.  This is taking into account the Carbon Footprint of:

  • the travel the company undertakes themselves
  • the flights undertaken by guests
  • and a bespoke carbon footprint from ground and air travel and transport for a major film project in Mongolia

And her enthusiasm for the Mongolian Nomad Project and other Plan Vivo projects is creating more opportunities to connect other businesses in on the action.  We are now advising other travel companies on strategies to integrate their carbon footprint into business – and create a fusion of positive impacts through the holistic biosphere carbon projects we offer.  We will feedback soon on this lead initiative in the experiential travel sector, including our work starting up with Steppes Travel and Cazenove & Loyd.  Read more about what Karina and Panoramic Journeys are doing.

Daren Howarth