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Plan Vivo Standard

Carbon Balanced Business

Plan Vivo provides strong credibility as a standard and network of people dedicated to building relationships between people in business and people in communities who are closer to the earth’s ecosystems.

Plan Vivo Standard

In our view, credibility arises from the authenticity and intentions of the people involved and gathered around any standard.  Get that right and everything flows.

Plan Vivo Standard Offer Verified Carbon Offsets

Plan Vivo is the original carbon standard and from the beginning it has been about providing verified carbon offsets while also making progress on sustainable development goals.  So with the advent of the Global Goals, its really is seen as both way ahead of its time, and timely!

Watch the C-Level 101vision micro-documentary on the Plan Vivo Standard

Plan Vivo Certificates Empower Rural Communities

Plan Vivo offers the most accessible of standards.  By intention.  Designed to provide rural communities with access to the carbon market by keeping development / consultancy costs down and creating tools like SHAMBA, to empower and aid the development of community based forest projects.  Payments are made over long periods to communities for the ecosystem services they create or protect.  This is key to ensuring that the projects under Plan Vivo are uniquely placed to provide long term security to the integrity of the forests.  Only by creating on-going value to small hold farmers and communities close to forests can their integrity be maintained.  Otherwise pressures to cut and clear land of forest are often over-riding.

Watch the C-Level 1o1vision about Plan Vivo’s SHAMBA TOOL

Other standards mainly work with larger projects, and often involve heavily funded project development companies who create higher volumes of carbon offsets and cashflows.  By nature they tend to not be as focussed as Plan Vivo on people and communities.  People and communities are by nature always at the heart of projects validated and verified under Plan Vivo.

Globally, Plan Vivo is also a network of community leaders and developers, and regular gatherings happen to steer the standard and share best practice. These are attended by C-Level and are also open to anyone to attend.