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How is Plan Vivo monitored and the offsets verified?

In terms of carbon, Plan Vivo (PV) issue PV Certificates once a projects activities have been independently verified. Certificates are held on the public Global Markit Environmental Registry.

Each certificate accounts for a 1 tonne of CO2 benefit created.  1 tonne of CO2 taken out of the atmosphere or avoided from entering the atmosphere (Plan Vivo REDD+ projects).

To try to put this highly complex area as simply as we can.  If we look at trees as a technology for taking and storing CO2 (and they are an amazing technology for doing this).  Then Plan Vivo projects can be for both tree planting (reforestation) tree protection (conservation).

Plan Vivo means living plan.  Every project is designed with and owned by communities.  That is why they are probably the worlds most holistic projects.  As well as carbon and ecosystems, these amazing projects are all about sustainable development and meeting the global goals (SDGs).

So when you purchase ‘offsets’ using the C-Level Flight Carbon Calculator you are not just compensating for your carbon footprint, your emissions from your flight.  Our projects under the Plan Vivo Standard, ensure the benefits going beyond carbon every time you use this calculator.

Start of a journey

Understanding your carbon footprint, and then becoming carbon balanced, can be the start of a journey towards rethinking the way we live and work – looking at bigger systems change and aligning with ecosystems, with the whole biosphere.  We are part of something far bigger, and the health of the whole is what matters. The health of the planet is the true wealth of the planet. How businesses and individuals can engage more fully with ecological restoration follows on from first finding balance.  Balance My Flight is a great start…

Supporting NGO’s & Charities

C-Level is a business that works very closely with The Plan Vivo Foundation and its projects. This is a global network of natural climate projects that have been founded and run as not for profits and charities. We provide vital support to these not for profit partners and communities when we find businesses or individuals who want to balance their carbon emissions with us. Each Plan Vivo Certificate purchased represents one tonne of CO2e sequestered or reduced through community-based projects. The projects are solid interventions to create something that would not have happened without your help.  They are ‘additional’, whether protecting existing forests that are being damaged (forest conservation) or creating new forests (reforestation).

All our projects are carefully designed to provide carbon, ecosystem and community benefits. They are subject to annual review as well as independent verification. All certification is public on the Markit Global Environmental Registry.

We provide essential communications, marketing and sales support to projects that are around the world and often remote. We also help businesses understand their impacts and take them through the steps to achieve carbon balanced certification.

B Corp Certification 1% For The Planet

C-Level is one of a growing number of businesses around the world that is B Corp Certified.  This means we have proven that all aspects of our business are aligned with the single mission of using business as a force for good. To gain our certification with B Corp, the full operations and model of the business have undergone rigorous environmental, social and governance assessment in order to evaluate their impact. It is no walk in the park.

The final step in B Corp Certification for C-Level was when we changed our legal constitution, making directors responsible for ensuring that the business operates for the benefit of all stakeholders including the biosphere.  A truly radical shift from ‘for the benefit of shareholders alone’.

C-Level is also a member of 1% For The Planet, meaning we have committed to donating 1% of our annual turnover to 1% charity members.  We donate to Survival International, the UK based charity that has been giving a voice to tribal peoples and running campaigns to help them protect themselves and their land for decades.