Carbon Conscious Calculator – Carbon Footprint Made Easier For Business


Only by raising awareness can we achieve action. C-Level coined the phrase Carbon Footprint many years ago. We make things clear and simple for people in business to engage with new ideas.  Now, we have designed Carbon Conscious, a new Carbon Calculator to help smaller businesses get started and raise consciousness on their own climate change impact.

“We set out to build the worlds simplest and most elegant carbon calculator for smaller business”


Built around looking at the three key activities of energy, transport and travel, its super easy and quick to understand and use. We have done the detailed work and honed it all down so that smaller businesses can quickly estimate their Carbon Footprint from running offices, transporting things, and flying.

Carbon Calculator for Business - Conscious Conscious Energy

Single figures are selected on the sliders for office energy and for transport (where that is relevant to the company). It gets a little more complicated with the flights carbon footprint, but we have made it as easy as we can to collate flights while entering their data. So for example, a single entry can be made for repetitive flights between the same places.

“Carbon Conscious uses the most up to date Government guidelines and emission factors, Defra 2015”


Carbon Conscious is also designed to immediately reward the person completing the calculation. You go through the simple steps, and see your footprint form as an elegant and bespoke graphic and then you can share it straight away through social media.

“No other carbon calculator gives you the chance to so easily create and share a new visual asset that shows your company is engaging with climate change”

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