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Balance Carbon API

Enterprise Level Carbon Calculator Tool

Balance Carbon API

Enterprise Level Carbon Calculator Tool

C-Level uses clever tech solutions to help scale carbon literacy and action.  We are one of the first organisations globally to offer a suite of FREE, online based carbon calculators that can be easily integrated into any 3rd party website or company extranet. Built using a REST API,  developers can seamlessly integrate directly with our carbon calculators and gain access to accredited projects that achieve precise carbon benefits through forest restoration and protection…with communities across the world.

Technical overview of our Balance Carbon API:

We currently offer 3 C-Level Balance API products:

Balance My Flight enables individuals to work out the carbon emissions from a flight and immediately compensate for their flight. This is done in the same way that our core Carbon Balanced business service works…by investing in our accredited projects under Plan Vivo.

Carbon Balanced Flight – Action on carbon. Action on forests. With communities.

Our flight calculator is designed to improve climate literacy and action by building carbon into the point of choosing to fly.  And of course to reduce administration and issues with central funding for annual carbon compensation.

Balance My Flight enables clients to get a quote for any journey in real time, offset that carbon impact, and then get billed monthly across the whole organisation.  Balance API also provides full reporting and can automatically create unique branded Balance Certificates.

See Balance My Flight API in action

As well as here is a nice integration into an existing site:

EMC3 –

As a branded client microsite:

Cazenove+Loyd –

Balance My Carbon is for when you are looking to simply make one off or regular purchases, perhaps on behalf of your clients, or for a specific department’s activities, then this provides the full power of the Balance API in terms of options for implementation, integration with your own systems that may be generating carbon footprint data already, and of course certification and reporting for each purchase.


The third application has been developed to support our partners who wish to use trees planted or protected as the main metric.  Our programmes also make use of this metric and we have therefore configured the C-Level Balance API to include this tree option.

If you want to work with us to build Balance into your systems or sites then just call us on this number +44 1273 234666.

This service is not based on the use of iframes with associated security and customisation limitations.  At present, this powerful enterprise grade service is being offered freely and will remain so for anyone coming on board at no cost.  Calls us or send over your interest in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Thanks.  C-Level Dev & Design Team.