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C-Level Project Portfolio

Offsetting business carbon footprints with the world's best indigenous forest projects & their communities

Offset Your Carbon Footprint With The Worlds Best Indigenous Forest Projects

There are many carbon offset project that are well designed and create verified carbon offsets. But the best go way further. If you choose carefully, you can find projects that by their very nature are enormously beneficial to ecosystems and communities. For example, protecting existing forests, and encouraging their regeneration will impact big time on the life of the whole ecosystem. Biodiversity will benefit. Rivers and streams will flow. Soil erosion will be reversed. All of these ecological benefits will also benefit the people who live in and around the projects.

Not just that, but the best projects will be designed with full involvement of the local community, on their own land – and they will receive payments and livelihood benefits as money flows to them from the sale of holistic carbon credits. CommuniTree for example, is now creating employment for hundreds of people and is becoming a significant source of income to local communities across an expanding area in Northern Nicaragua.