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Flight Carbon Calculator

Calculate & Balance Your Flight Carbon Footprint

Flight Carbon Calculator

Use the C-Level Flight Carbon Calculator to work out the carbon footprint of your flights. You can then choose an award winning C-Level project to offset your flight immediately using Paypal or credit card.

Balance your flight by choosing to protect and restore indigenous forests with local communities.  

A carbon balanced flight from London to Nairobi, balanced with The Hadza Hunter Gatherers, costs just £16.50. 

Flight Carbon Calculator

Add the details of each flight made over the 12-month period.
* '1' = a single flight, '2' = a return trip, Click on round Refresh button to calculate distance.

Tonnes CO2:

About C Level

Credited with coining the term ‘carbon footprint’ in 2000, we work with the world’s best projects to sequester CO2 in indigenous forests with local communities.  These natural climate solutions are verified under the global Plan Vivo Standard, which we believe to the most well thought out solution to carbon sequestration.  

C-Level gives you the choice of holistic carbon offsets that compensate for each tonne of CO2 from your flights, provide biodiversity benefits and engage local communities in ecosystem restoration. Learn more about how we offset carbon here.

We will email you a personal certificate confirming how you have successfully Carbon Balanced your flights. 

All projects are listed on the Markit Registry and are independently validated by third party experts, Learn more about project verification and transparency.