The Ocean Bottle & Blue Forests – Best In Class & Biggest Impact

When things come together at the same time it’s always worth paying more attention.  We have a big blue ocean story this month…the launch of a new Blue Forest Carbon Offsetting project,  a new client in the shape of The Ocean Bottle, and flight carbon offsetting for a young man on his way to the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp.

Ocean Bottle Goes Beyond Plastic Neutral

First, in comes a new partner, The Ocean Bottle – an impact driven new enterprise on a mission to create the world’s best lifetime bottle and to do this in a way that has maximum social and ecological benefit* So they have teamed up with Plastic Bank to make each Ocean Bottle plastic neutral…in fact they have gone way further making each Ocean Bottle massively plastic positive.  Their big focus on purpose and socio-eco impact comes from building in 50% of profits to Plastic Bank.  This organisation is putting in the infrastructure to collect plastics at hotspots where it enters the ocean. At places devoid of the resources to create the collection and processing of plastics. Its social plastic. They have also closed the loop by incorporating recycled ocean going plastics into Ocean Bottle itself.  

I am drinking from one of the first batch 1 Ocean Bottles as I write this, and am loving its design and feel. They have really achieved something with K8, their Norwegian design team.  They set out to make the best product with the biggest impact.  I think they might have cracked it.  Tomorrow, I am off to one of the most purposeful festivals on the planet tomorrow.  Buddhafield is providing us with a deep Extinction Or Evolution retreat and we will be passing round the bottles and seeing how they shape up!

Blue Forests Carbon Offsetting – Bridging Earth, Ocean and Sky

I am massively excited to say that this great new business have decided to team up with C-Level to Carbon Balance the teams own operations from the start.  We are starting with action on the unavoidable and significant impact of flying.  The Ocean Bottle have chosen the pioneering Blue Forest project, Mikoko Pamoja (People & Mangroves Together in Swahili) for their flight offsetting. It could not be a better fit A ‘carbon offset’ project that literally bridges earth, ocean and sky and is focussed on bringing together the power of community and ecosystem to benefit earth’s carbon level.  This month saw the launch of the second phase of this Blue Forest Project, co-developed by the Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services down the Kenyan coast at Vanga.

Climate Activist & Global Marine Pollution Ambassadors

And this month has also enabled us to connect with a young climate activist, Finlay Pringle. Finlay, from Ullapool, was recently training with a small group of children from around the world to become Global Marine Pollution Ambassadors He had to fly to Vancouver if he was to attend the Oceans Heroes Bootcamp where the children had the chance to skill up.

Finlay found us before he made the trip, offsetting his flight using C-Level’s Flight Carbon Calculator – Balance My Flight –  

Looking forward to seeing what story lines up next month…Daren Howarth

 *Oceans Bottle is a start up with a plan to be the best in class product and also maximise social and ecological impact.  So it makes strategic sense to align with carbon offsetting projects that are also achieving social and ecological benefits.  This is what C-Level does.

We identify and help develop, the worlds best holistic carbon offset projects. All of which combine the natural powers of ecosystems and communities to take CO2 out of the earth’s atmosphere. Indigenous forests and people together.

Our business clients finance this by making their own operations Carbon Balanced. Balanced is the aspirational part. Verified carbon projects that will ensure carbon footprints are fully compensated for, while also delivering biodiversity and livelihood benefits.

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