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Carbon Balancing starts you on the Net Zero journey. Our Wild Aligned membership programme is about ‘going the extra mile’ exploring more radical shifts in culture and carbon reduction in business. As well as planting trees, these next step projects are designed to be experiential. Wild Aligned speaks to the wellbeing of your people, to ESG responses and to powering up purpose and leadership.

C Level Wild Aligned projects are all designed to be experiential combining tree planting with ecological and cultural regeneration.


Our Carbon Balanced Certification Programme delivers the world’s most holistic verified carbon offsets, providing climate, ecological and social benefits. Our clients want to go even further.

The Wild Aligned Membership Programme is our answer.  It’s about going the extra mile, planting trees in Europe and finding ways to roll up your sleeves and get directly involved.

It is a fabulous opportunity to join the Carbon Balanced leaders on this journey, companies like Bluefield and Pen Partnership.  Membership benefits include:

  • playing a key role in developing this early stage programme
  • a solid metric of trees planted
  • additional (non verified) CO2 Benefits,
  • live access to project founders for Q&A
  • opportunities to engage through providing pro bono support
  • longer term participation through online and in the field events
  • a chance to go big and co-create a brand new Wild Aligned project

A programme to engage your people, and explore radical innovation within your business. To change culture not climate we need to re-wild our people and our business systems.

May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children."

Rainer Maria Rilke.

wild aligned


European reforestation, rewilding, and deeper engagement

The programme is focussed on projects in Britain and mainland Europe.  As we began to work on the programme in 2019 we envisioned running events focussed at the Wild Aligned Hubs, where clients from one business or from several would be able to travel and participate in the regenerative work of the projects.  Hence focussing on projects closer to home, easier to travel to than our global carbon projects.  We can accommodate up to 3o people at our site in Portugal. As well as the direct experience of reforestation work during the two planting seasons, the programme includes deeper, facilitated work. A unique chance to explore together key areas for business like reinventing organisations, ‘depolarising’ and the ‘work that reconnects’.

early stage regenerative projects

The beauty of this programme is in going further. With verified carbon offsetting already under your belt, you are freed up to go further and engage with early stage inspirational projects and ideas.  Projects where vision is strong and where you can make a big impact. Early stage, big vision, potent and inspired.  This is the territory we invite you to explore.

Children’s Forest is a great example.  C Level and our clients have supported this project from its early days.  In 2019 we took two of the project founders to present their vision to our Carbon Balanced client, Pen Partnership.  Pen engaged, providing pro bono coaching to the Children’s Forest team, helping build momentum and the team moved forward to form an organisation, open bank accounts and build their website.  Pen then funded Children’s Forest using ‘trees planted’ as the yardstick. The first planting happened with children in Scotland in November 2020.

With clients, we are looking to develop further re-wilding in Britain projects that can provide space for people to attend workshops and even work remotely from.

wellBEING & EXPERIENTAL learning

While we may not be able to run events out in the field, in October 2020 we submitted an application for Sustainabilty Innovation Funding to Innovate UK. This funding stream was focussed on ‘hard’ technology rather than ‘human’ technology. Culture change at the level of the individual is where the big radical changes can start.  If we can inspire everyone in a business, then that should power change in everything from systems to strategy.  We did not get the funding, but we did get this feedback:

C Level’s proposed online experiental course, Wild Aligned, is an inspirational project with a compelling business motivation, based on an holistic and novel concept. It should have a significant positive impact to improve corporate and individual sustainability. An excellent team includes diversity. equality and inclusion. It represents excellent value for money for the public purse.

With the course development that went into the grant application, our team of exceptional Wild Aligned Facilators are now ready to develop and pilot this course with a business partner…

Plant trees

Each project can be engaged with directly and simply by funding tree planting.  Costs vary since each project has its own specific costs, structure and location. The funding covers costs including tree saplings as well as contributing to the running costs of the ngo’s we are supporting.

The scale of planting available varies widely as well.  Forests Without Frontiers has now reached 40,000 trees with our support, while Children’s Forest has only planted a few hundred trees.  Experience from our other programme means we have processes in place to ensure no double counting and strong additonality.  Members of the programme receive certification and updates on planting as well as estimates of Co2 benefits created as a direct result of member funding. Members are also given direct access to the project in the form of live video calls with the project founders.

Wild Aligned Projects.

Reflorestar Portugal


Based at 4 Reforestation Hubs, including one at an established  retreat centre in the centre of the country.  Piloting syntropic reforestation for Portugal, bringing people back onto the land, and running a national Gathering For Forests every two years.  

Children’s Forest


Working in partnership with The UK Forest Schools Association, this project is also highly collaborative, creating pockets of rewilding across the country where children can experience Forest Schools and develop a lifelong connection to nature, to place and to others.

Forests Without Frontiers


Rewilding in the Southern Carpathian Forests of Transilvania, funding has been secured to deliver 40,000 trees through work with the local communities coordinated by the Carpathia Conservation Foundation in the Faragas Mountains.

Trees for Life


Founded in 1993 with the goal of rewilding the Scottish Highlands and restoring the ancient Caledonian forest from a base at Dundreggan, Trees for Life is now launching the Affric Highlands project.

Reflorestar, Portugal

Born from the wildfires in Pedrógão Grande, in June 2017, as a citizenship initiative with the dream of seeing indigenous Portuguese forests reestablished by a collective movement …one that ‘thinks like a forest’…

See project

Forests Without Frontiers

A Rewilding Project in the Fagarus Mountains, Romania. Reforestation creating wild life corridors, connecting remnants of the great carpathian forest, with a focus on engaging the Music and Creative Arts sectors….

See project

Children's Forest

For children to imagine, plant and tend protected forests, creating sanctuaries for future generations of children of all species…and places for holding forest schools…

See project

Trees for Life

Founded in 1993 with the goal of rewilding the Scottish Highlands and restoring the ancient Caledonian forest from a base at Dundreggan, Trees for Life is now launching the Affric Highlands project.

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“We need fifty shades of green to catalyse and support all companies to net zero.” 

Mark Carney, Governor of The Bank Of England 

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